Our apologies! placesforthings.com is not accepting new members at this time. Please do not approach hosts for invitations. You may be blacklisted!

     Welcome to placesforthings.com! The web's only application only online community portal. What makes PFT so special? We are not overrun by every web user with bad DSL and a yahoo email address. Our services are available by invitation and application only. Your host will invite you to fill in a brief but comprehensive application. A unanimous vote from other users in their group will grant you access.

     Don't know any placesforthings hosts? Don't be so sure! Many of our hosts choose to let potential members come to them. Do you know anyone who is...

...well placed in the community or religious organizations?
...respected through their work, charitable dealings or social connections?
...well educated though one of the more prestigious universities and colleges across the US?
...possessing an impressive military record?

ANY of these people may be a placesforthings host.

See you on the inside...

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